Team Roster

The Upper Left Distance Team is a group of athletes united by our passion for running as well as our desire to improve in the sport. We come from all different walks of life, but run with three shared values:

1. Be consistent.

2. Be kind.

3. Support your community.


PC: Glenn Tachiyama

Name:Sean Downes
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: 100 Miles.
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza.
What I love about running: Exploration.


PC: Glenn Tachiyama

Name: Jessie “McJerk” McClurg
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: 50 mile or 100K
Pizza or Tacos? ‘za
What I love about running: I love getting out in the mountains and letting go of my daily worries, breathing the fresh air, and clearing my otherwise very cluttered head. I also love getting to explore the beauty of the wild far away from the trailheads and day hikers, and seeing how far I can push myself, physically and mentally.


PC: Ian Andridge

Name: Josh Myers-Dean
State: Colorado
Favorite Distance to run: Don’t matter as long as there’s dirt n’ vert.
Pizza or Tacos? Burritos.
What I love about running: Suffering and downhills.


Deception Pass 50k 1
PC: Glenn Tachiyama

Name:Dr. Les Sheffield
State: Oregon
Favorite Distance to run: 50K
Pizza or Tacos? Vegan Tacos!
What I love about running: I love running because it gives me a reason to get outside and experience the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


DSC01591 (2)

Name: Jeff Dodson
State: New York
Favorite Distance to run: On the road: Half marathon. On the trail: Marathon to 50k.
Pizza or Tacos? I love a great vegan pizza, but I also dig a really good veg taco… Probably pizza.
What I love about running: Just being outside, with what feels like nothing to do.


PC:  Susie Van Den Ameele

Name: Brandon Williams
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: The distance from my couch to fridge ;-). Jk…probably 25K.
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza.
What I love about running: I love running because of the freedom of movement and challenge of pushing your body to do something it doesn’t want to do.


PC: Glenn Tachiyama

Name: Keith Yates
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: Not sure I have a favorite distance. I really like the nature around me so probably trails the most. I hate dodging cars! Almost been hit 3 times.
Pizza or Tacos? Both. Gun to my head? Chicken tacos.
What I love about running: Nature, the fresh air in the lungs and the folks I have met always seem to be awesome people!




Name: Adam Reed
State: California
Favorite Distance to run: 50K
Pizza or Tacos? Jackfruit tacos.
What I love about running: Gives me a chance to clear my mind.



Name: Carmen Martinez
State: Texas
Favorite Distance to run: 50 Miles.
Pizza or Tacos? Tacos!
What I love about running: Disconnecting from the stress and tuning into my thoughts for a few hours (or days…).


PC: Glenn Tachiyama

Name: Rory O’Flahrity
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: 50K
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza.
What I love about running: I enjoy getting out in nature and seeing new and exciting landscape. I love to leave life’s stresses behind and just to be free on the trails.



Name: Shelaine Dolce
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: Marathon and up.
Pizza or Tacos? Nine Pies Pizzeria!
What I love about running: Being outside.


PC” Robert Shaer

Name:Joseph Chick
State: Oregon, best state in the nation.
Favorite Distance to run: 100K when I’m fit, 50K when I’m not.
Pizza or Tacos? Why on earth is there an “or” here?  I want pizza tacos please.
What I love about running: The feeling of freedom that it gives me, that I can explore long stretches of the great outdoors or new cities on foot.  Going places that are only accessible by foot, and taking in views and seeing things that only people that are willing to work for it are able to get.  I love the community, my fellow runners I see at races or just bump into out on the trails.  Even when I see a stranger running, there is a mutual, genuine acknowledgement of the shared experience and passion for the outdoors, and I think that type of obvious love for an activity isn’t common in many things we do on a daily basis.  I also love setting pretty ambitious goals, putting in at least some of the work and then mostly – or at least sometimes – reaching those goals.  Oh, and a fair amount of the time I don’t actually love running.


Middle Fork 22m
PC: Taryn Graham

Name: Josh Scott
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: 50K
Pizza or Tacos? Can’t beat a good Taco Pizza!
What I love about running: Feeling like I’m going to vomit at the top of a hard climb.


Name: Lisa Moore
State:  Washington
Favorite Distance to run: Half Marathon.
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza.
What I love about running: Getting outside and exploring.


image1 (1)

Name: Steve Schulte
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run: Long. For now I’m focused on the 50 mile.
Pizza or Tacos?  Love me some tacos but if it’s either or, it’s pizza hands down.
What I love about running: The simplicity of it. The continuity in it. The sense of freedom that it brings. The community that surrounds it.



PC: Corey Stark

Name: Keegan Hughes
State: Missouri
Favorite Distance to run: Any distance as long as it A. Raises money for charity B. Is in honor of someone.
Pizza or Tacos?  Taco Pizza, just kidding that’s gross.
What I love about running: Running clears my mind and keeps me fresh for my family and those that depend on me.



Name: Wendy Larson
State: Washington
Favorite Distance to run:  I love a 10K for weekday running – it’s fun, efficient and easy to put into my morning. My overall favorite distance is the half-marathon.
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza without question – especially “Against the Grain” take home…delicious!
What I love about running:  I love the rhythm and timing of running. How I feel so dis-coordinated in the first mile and then the magical transition of warm-up and breath creates a sublime coordinated movement of forward propulsion of my body. I appreciate the discipline of the sport and how it helps me stay connected to the seasons and the subtle shifts of nature. And mostly, I love the eating afterwards!



Name: Ethan Jordan
State: OR
Favorite Distance to run: marathon +
Pizza or Tacos?  Pizza, specifically Chicago style 
What I love about running: It started with a bucket list item to run a marathon and 8 years later I can’t live without it. I like to do really hard things voluntarily, it makes the required hard things pale in comparison. Running is a great way to challenge yourself in a singular form, it’s you against you. #breakingthree



Name: Alicia Konga
State: Oregon
Favorite Distance to run: Half Marathon – possibly the 50k distance, we soon shall see.
Pizza or Tacos? How is this a question?? #TeamPizza
What I love about running: Exploration.


PC: Jeff Fisher

Name: Korey Konga
State: Oregon
Favorite Distance to run: 5K & 50K
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza
What I love about running:  I love running through forests and upwards over mountains the most. Getting out everyday enriches my life in a way I can’t explain here. And racing brings out a person I’d otherwise hide.


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