Coaching Details

Every athlete is different. We all have different abilities, needs, and commitments, so we don’t offer any generic training plans here. To keep things simple, we provide one affordable personal coaching package to guide you through the grind and get you to your goals. Our coaching is fun, attentive, and effective! 

What’s included ?

  • Unlimited Contact  

In our one-on-one coaching package we offer unlimited contact with coach Korey via text, e-mail or phone during normal business hours. Our athletes are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of it!

  • A Custom Training Plan With Unlimited Adjustments

We simplify your training by delivering a custom weekly plan through an online platform, tailored to you, and designed to achieve measurable results. Our plans include proven workouts to develop speed, strength, and endurance so that you become a stronger, faster and more resilient runner. 

  • VDOT 02 Coaching Application 

We build and share all of our training plans through the VDOT 02 Coaching App:  a simple and customizable training log with Garmin data integration delivered directly to your smart phone or computer. Our plans are delivered weekly or bi-weekly and constantly adjusted based on your progress, feedback and life commitments. 

  • GPS Analysis

We also include GPS data analysis by Coach Korey via Garmin data integration to help hold you accountable and to ensure that your plan is being executed properly and that you are achieving optimal results.

Personal Coaching is $129 per month 
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*Once you complete your transaction through PayPal, you will be directed to our new athlete page where you can download and complete our pre coaching questionnaire. As soon as that’s done, we will start building your plan!