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What are other athletes saying ?

“I am 35 years old and was new to running. I would ‘run around the block’ once or twice a week at a 10:00+/mile pace. I began working with Korey and he inspired and encouraged me to set a goal.  The goal I picked was the 2016 Capital City Half Marathon in Olympia, WA. Korey gathered data from me and developed a detailed training plan, specific to me, to prepare me for the race. Throughout training, February-May, Korey stayed in constant communication; monitoring my workouts and requesting feedback on how my body was responding.  He always encouraged me and listened to the feedback I gave him. Korey’s vast personal experience and knowledge was instrumental in helping me when I encountered aches, pains or needed exercises to enhance my legs and core. Fast forward to race day: I finished my half in a time of 1:33:59! It was an amazing feeling and accomplishment.  I could never have done it without Korey’s support, encouragement and coaching.  I have already requested Korey to coach me for the 2017 Capital City Half Marathon, I know with his help, guidance and coaching I can beat my time from last year!  I cannot say enough about the type of coach and person Korey is, he is a genuine person who wants to see others succeed and improve their lives.  Thank you, Korey!”

– Keith Y. Yelm, WA.









“I met Korey in 2012. At the time, I was still trying to find my identity as a runner. I had one ultra under my belt, but was primarily focused on running marathons. Korey was highly motivated in everything running. He told me that I could get sponsored and that I could win races. That I could set goals and reach them if I put in the work. That was when I found my identity. I began focusing on Ultra Running and wouldn’t you know, I won my first race soon after. I have since picked up sponsors, nailed race goals and continue to feed off of Korey’s unbridled hunger to be the very best that you possibly can!  Thank you, Korey!”

Sion Lupowitz – Aravaipa Racing & Honey Stinger Hive Team Member. 2016 Winner of Stagecoach 100M, Cedro Peak 45M and Coldwater 52K. 2015 Winner of Colossal Vail 50K. Big pine 108K, Coldwater 52K and 2nd place at Mogollon Monster 100M.