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Korey Konga is the owner and Coach at Upper Left Distance Training. Nestled at the foot of the Siskiyou Mountains in Ashland, Oregon (in the upper left corner of The United States) he works with runners of all abilities, through all distances, on all surfaces.

His education as a Coach comes from his ongoing obsession with endurance sports performance coupled with real world experience. He’s run over 60 road and trail races around the U.S. finishing on the podium in over half of those races, winning 20 of them, and setting 7 Course Records. 

With a history in hospitality and leadership, Coach Korey is committed to helping others achieve their very best. Whether your goal is to get healthy or to achieve a lofty personal best, Coach Korey will be there as your passenger; to help guide you on your journey.  

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Certified Running Coach