Your Personal Coach

I’m Korey. I am the Coach and owner here at Upper Left Distance Training. Located in Ashland, Oregon (in the upper left corner of The United States) I work with runners of all abilities, through all distances, on all surfaces. My education as a Coach comes from my ongoing obsession with endurance sport performance, collaboration with others, and real world experience. 

I’m also an athlete myself. I am a regionally competitive, multi- surface runner and have been fortunate enough to run over 50 road and trail races around the U.S. I’ve finished on the podium in over half of those races, won 17 of them, and set 6 Course Records. I’ve run 02:37 for the Marathon (road) and 03:46 for the 50K (trail).

My team of athletes range from first time half marathoners to Boston qualifiers to seasoned 100 mile veterans. Whether it’s your goal to finish an unknown distance or to finish well ahead of your competition at your next race, I’m here as your passenger; to help guide you on your journey.

If you’re interested in receiving support and guidance, or if you simply have a question, please get in touch!

I would love to have you to join the team. 

 – Coach Korey 

Certified Running Coach