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I’m Korey Konga. I am the Coach and owner here at Upper Left Distance Training. My Wife, Daughter, and our Great Dane, Luna, live in a little house nestled at the foot of the Siskiyou Mountains in Ashland, Oregon (in the upper left corner of The United States). I spend my days Coaching amazing athletes, training as a student Firefighter, and running our beautiful trails.


I’ve lived in a lot of places and I’ve run a lot of races! I’ve competed in over 60 road and trail events around the U.S. I’ve finished on the podium in over half of those events, won 20 of them, and set 7 Course Records. I’ve finished last, first, and everywhere in between throughout my career, but the journey itself has made the biggest impact on me, not the numbers on the clock.


I love Coaching and I am committed to helping you achieve your very best on your journey; whatever that means to you. Whether it’s your goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to achieve a lofty personal best at your next event, I will be here as your passenger along the way.


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