A Week With The Best: Joe Gray

Today I ran the Whidbey Island Half Marathon in 01:15 and all I could ask myself was “How the hell did Joe run this in 01:09???” So I decided today would be a good day to share his interview.

Joseph Gray is a 21 Time Team USA member, 11 Time USA National Champion, 2 Time Xterra Trail Running World Champion , the 2016 World Mountain Running Champion and a 5 Time NACAC Mountain Running Champion with the consecutive record.

How and when did you start running?

In middle school to stay out of trouble basically!

What has been your biggest obstacle as a runner?  

I think finding time to prepare for races. There are so many awesome races that pop up and many of them are very different in terrain and challenges thus, it’s difficult to train for all of them to perform at your best

Your biggest accomplishment ?

A long career of winning and being consistent at major events.

You’re a pro, but do you work work as well? If so, what do you do for a living?

I currently coach privately.

Describe a days general diet for you:

My diet is really based on cravings! I regularly eat Electrobites and Garden of Life protein after extremely tough days.

What’s a typical training week like for you? 


(Joe does not like to share his training. The secret’s in the sauce, as they say.)

What is your favorite workout?

Progressive tempos.

Do you have any tips for new runners or runners striving to reach big goals?
I think the best advice is to stay in your lane! Be concerned with your training and your personal goals and avoid trying to mock the training and goals of others. It’s easy to see social media posts about someone and to be influenced to try something that is not genuine or perhaps you aren’t personally prepared for, so be natural and follow your path at your own pace. Being smart will allow you to have a long career


Thanks for that short and sweet interview, Joe!


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