Simple Core Routine For Runners

We all hear about the importance of core strength and trunk stability in runners: it prevents injury and can help to improve form and economy, but between family life, 40 hour work weeks, commuting, and barely squeezing a run in, who’s got time for core strength? Well, good news! Strengthening your core doesn’t have to be terribly time consuming. Here is a simple routine that only takes 10 minutes and is well worth the investment.

Start with 20 to 30 seconds in each position (front + side + side = 1 set) and do as many sets as you can in 10 minutes – take breaks as needed when you’re first starting out. Be sure to keep your body straight, like a plank of wood, and if 20 to 30 seconds starts to feel too easy, increase the time in each position by 15 seconds. I try to do this routine 3  to 5 days per week with some added hip and glute strengthening exercises (which we will cover later) to stay healthy.

I recommend my athletes do this routine up to 3 times per week depending on time constraints:

Classic Plank
Side Plank

If these get too easy, try adding a simple leg lift to increase the difficulty.



There you have it! A simple and effective way to strengthen your core in 10 minutes. If you have any questions about training, racing or trails in the area, feel free to get in touch.